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changing the way construction does business



construction management

working with the biggest names in the business, seeing where improvements could be made, struggling with the code to make sure that it did almost what we needed it to do. almost.


process development

working within limits to help businesses just like yours fit their processes into another company’s concept of ‘the way’ – or just fitting the processes into the limits of a code maze built on decades of wrong assumptions

way too long


stretching the limits of ui design and still not getting it perfect. convincing ourselves that this was the way it had to be, because it’s all we knew. realizing we were wrong and changing our outlook to actually face the future

About us

if we sound a bit irreverent – we are.
we’ve been in this industry long enough to have seen the sticking points firsthand, and we’ve had just about enough of it. it’s time to break free of the old way of doing things and embrace technology as the revolutionary time-saver that it is, instead of the complicated annoying add-on the industry has been treating it as.



future tense of apogar - to support

16th century

apogee - top, pinnacle or farthest point


go(e)s - third person singular present of the verb "go" meaning that we're ready to go help you do all the things
(ok that was a stretch)

(we hope you get the point - apogos means the future, it means support, it means the pinnacle, it means your success)


business consulting 89%
construction management 99%
software support 84%
process design 73%
listening 100%



Intuitive Universal Forecasting Solution

The Problem

Forecasting is a complicated hassle: The data is stored in different specialized systems that don’t talk to each other. None has the power and flexibility to pull it all together.


A universal forecasting solution that is simple to use and with the extensibility you need to structure and streamline your forecasting process. Now your business can deploy the true power of Analytics and AI.


Practical and Extensible Production Management for Project-Based Businesses

The Problem

Project delivery friction hurts your business: it slows the flow of cash, makes it hard to react before it’s too late to efficiently re-direct resources.  Inadequate Production management tools hold back supply chain optimization.


The Apogos Production Management solution provides core functionality and out of the box automations without being overly complex. Managing your production on a common data platform makes it easy to automate business processes end to end.


Practical, auditable and flexible solutions for Project-Based Businesses

The Problem

Financial processes are inadequate and compromised. Legacy systems hold back automation and improvement: point solutions deployed piece meal are difficult to maintain and expensive. The data is hard to work with and you are not sure you trust it.


Practical, flexible and robust solution targeted at specific pain points: Forecasting, Budget Management, Customer Master Agreements, Revenue Contracts and Job Cost features consolidate, integrate and optimize your financial processes.


Framework for project-based businesses

The Problem

Project based businesses struggle to unify their data and processes: numerous systems, processes spanning multiple applications, different departmental perspectives and participation, competition over who owns what and what software should be used. The result is fragmentation.


A Framework that organizes your business and eliminates this fragmentation. The Apogos Portfolio is this framework.