platform revolution is here

we’re bringing you connected digital construction solutions built for the future

current software options are limited

big players aren't interested in change because they've invested millions of dollars into keeping you shackled to their solutions. here's a short rundown of the situation:

you need

  • whole business visibility
  • process control
  • data access
  • security
  • user flexibility
  • advanced analytics
  • affordable options
  • extensibility
  • true integration
  • true ownership

they have

  • all your information
  • your process under control
  • your data when they say so
  • admin over your security
  • their user interface
  • some basic reports
  • expensive subscriptions
  • high fees for changes
  • integration frustrations
  • outdated systems
  • maze-like code structure
  • proprietary silos
  • bizarre update schedules
  • down time for repairs

we give you

  • true operational visibility
  • control over your process
  • ownership of your data
  • control over your security
  • unlimited user interfaces
  • powerful analytics included
  • something you already use
  • easy 1 - N extensibility
  • easy integrations
  • Microsoft stability
  • low-code / no-code
  • no silos
fresh solutions for the future

with a consistent, modern user interface, best-available analytics, and the ability to be used on any device – browser or mobile, we know that apogos will be able to serve you today and ten years from now. updates & new functionality are released all the time!

your data in your hands

you’ll know that your data is accurate and accessible to all your applications. no more triple-entering with all the uncertainty that comes with it. you’ve seen it: that entry that’s biran in one place, brian in another and briene in the third? forget that.

more than project work

apogos gives you true ownership of your data and business process and a complete view of the health of your company, from project work to sales & marketing, human resources, financials and more!

you're already halfway there

a huge number of companies already rely on Microsoft’s systems for their daily business, so we’re betting you already use (and pay for) the foundation elements of the apogos application suites

let's call a spade a spade

legacy solutions can call themselves ‘platform’ all they want, but they’re just behemoth applications with no real extensibility. third-party build-ons are nonexistent, code is proprietary and impossible to wade through, and customizations are difficult to maintain.

real platforms give you options, extensibility, and ownership

it's your software

you don’t have to learn a new application to be able to create your own apps. drag’n’drop the elements you need right where you want them

it's your data

say goodbye to the days of entering data into your system, and then their system, and then submitting into another system. your data is in one place

it's your way

microsoft is platform. by definition it’s extensible, open to development, constantly up to date, and has thousands of resources available


Intuitive Universal Forecasting Solution

The Problem

Forecasting is a complicated hassle: The data is stored in different specialized systems that don’t talk to each other. None has the power and flexibility to pull it all together.


A universal forecasting solution that is simple to use and with the extensibility you need to structure and streamline your forecasting process. Now your business can deploy the true power of Analytics and AI.


Practical and Extensible Production Management for Project-Based Businesses

The Problem

Project delivery friction hurts your business: it slows the flow of cash, makes it hard to react before it’s too late to efficiently re-direct resources.  Inadequate Production management tools hold back supply chain optimization.


The Apogos Production Management solution provides core functionality and out of the box automations without being overly complex. Managing your production on a common data platform makes it easy to automate business processes end to end.


Practical, auditable and flexible solutions for Project-Based Businesses

The Problem

Financial processes are inadequate and compromised. Legacy systems hold back automation and improvement: point solutions deployed piece meal are difficult to maintain and expensive. The data is hard to work with and you are not sure you trust it.


Practical, flexible and robust solution targeted at specific pain points: Forecasting, Budget Management, Customer Master Agreements, Revenue Contracts and Job Cost features consolidate, integrate and optimize your financial processes.


Framework for project-based businesses

The Problem

Project based businesses struggle to unify their data and processes: numerous systems, processes spanning multiple applications, different departmental perspectives and participation, competition over who owns what and what software should be used. The result is fragmentation.


A Framework that organizes your business and eliminates this fragmentation. The Apogos Portfolio is this framework.