why apogos?

Best in Class

apogos provides best in class applications based on decades of experience


apogos is powered by Microsoft Power Platform, Power Apps, and Power BI


easy to do business with


apogos uses your existing Microsoft security and is natively GDPR compliant


simple user-based pricing consistent with the Microsoft licensing model and an ROI other software companies can’t match.

your software

you’re not using a platform. period. with few exceptions (very few) all of the big-name software companies in this space are just that – software companies. they don’t develop platforms. they develop software – desperately complex software hiding behind a platform facade. when you need to add a special-case application, can you do it yourself? no. you have to open a ticket, pay for consulting hours, dev time, testing, and hope it will work with their labyrinthine code. forget that. you deserve so much better. you deserve your own software on a true platform.

your data

think about it: do you really own your data? or is it siloed in multiple proprietary systems? OK, sure, you can export it, but is it easy? Is it intuitive to understand? do you have to spend hours sorting through it to get any meaning at all? wouldn’t you rather have real visibility on your own data (all of it) so you can create a comprehensive picture of your business?

your way

your construction management experience has largely been adapting your business to the way the software works, or ditching software entirely and doing everything in excel (0 stars: do not recommend). spreadsheets alone aren’t efficient, and they aren’t giving you the visual data you need to make the best decisions. you need to do things your way to realize true progress.

your universe


apogos isn't just construction management. it's managing your whole business including construction management

powered up

PowerBI, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Excel and more are all part of the solution. do more and see more than ever before

expert assistance

apogos isn't just an app - it's a team of experienced construction professionals who know how to help you succeed


whether you're one user or managing one hundred users, we can handle it. heck, you're probably already set up for it!


integrations are a snap with full import and customization capabilities at your fingertips. no more silos! just information you can rely on

fully customizable

it's your universe. it's your business. it's you taking your own future into your hands and making success really yours.

you’ve been struggling with siloed data for too long. multiple reports from disparate systems mean you’re making decisions with blinders on. that’s not right. the longer you let yourself struggle with systems that don’t communicate with each other,
the longer your business goes without real, actionable reporting.


the upshot

why now?

why are you still letting behemoth software companies treat you like a sales figure? why aren’t you working with a platform that will really boost your productivity and efficiency? the question is less “why now?” and more “why haven’t you yet?”

why apogos?

because microsoft IS the way forward. period. they’re the only true platform that’s established, international, and constantly evolving. apogos is the only company that has the experience to develop for construction management on this platform. we know the business and we’ve seen the pitfalls often enough to know how to avoid them. even if another company is developing in this space, they’re not going to have the real-world experience that you need. with apogos, you know you’re getting professionals who know your struggles and are committed to eliminating them.


Intuitive Universal Forecasting Solution

The Problem

Forecasting is a complicated hassle: The data is stored in different specialized systems that don’t talk to each other. None has the power and flexibility to pull it all together.


A universal forecasting solution that is simple to use and with the extensibility you need to structure and streamline your forecasting process. Now your business can deploy the true power of Analytics and AI.


Practical and Extensible Production Management for Project-Based Businesses

The Problem

Project delivery friction hurts your business: it slows the flow of cash, makes it hard to react before it’s too late to efficiently re-direct resources.  Inadequate Production management tools hold back supply chain optimization.


The Apogos Production Management solution provides core functionality and out of the box automations without being overly complex. Managing your production on a common data platform makes it easy to automate business processes end to end.


Practical, auditable and flexible solutions for Project-Based Businesses

The Problem

Financial processes are inadequate and compromised. Legacy systems hold back automation and improvement: point solutions deployed piece meal are difficult to maintain and expensive. The data is hard to work with and you are not sure you trust it.


Practical, flexible and robust solution targeted at specific pain points: Forecasting, Budget Management, Customer Master Agreements, Revenue Contracts and Job Cost features consolidate, integrate and optimize your financial processes.


Framework for project-based businesses

The Problem

Project based businesses struggle to unify their data and processes: numerous systems, processes spanning multiple applications, different departmental perspectives and participation, competition over who owns what and what software should be used. The result is fragmentation.


A Framework that organizes your business and eliminates this fragmentation. The Apogos Portfolio is this framework.